Bandit Level 0 -> Level 1

The first level of Bandit, Level 0, is incredibly simple. You use the ssh command to connect to the game server. ssh stands for ‘secure shell’ and allows a user to connect securely to an ssh server. The website gives you the username and password required to access the server. Do not get used to that…

Level 0 -> Level 1 introduces some simple commands; ls and cat. ls lists the files in your current directory and cat outputs the contents of a file. The ls command can be modified by adding an option as seen below.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.26.40

ls is the most basic, ls -a includes entries that start with ‘.’ and ls -l uses a longer listing format. These options can be used in conjunction e.g. ls -al.

As mentioned above, cat simply outputs the contents of a file, we can see that the file readme contained the password for the next level.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.32.16

The next step is to copy the password to the clipboard and then connect via ssh to the next level.

When I first went through these levels I ran into a problem at this point, after getting the password I tried to use ssh This threw up an error stating that I couldn’t connect. After some digging and conversation in the Over The Wire IRC channel I was told that the machine that the game is hosted on doesn’t make outgoing connections for security reasons. So because I was already connected to the machine, it wouldn’t connect. What I had to do was to use the exit command to log out of the current ssh session and then log back in using the usual command. I also found that instead of logging out I could simply use ssh bandit1@localhost to connect because all the levels are hosted on the same machine and I technically wasn’t making an outbound connection.

For nearly all commands there is a manual page that can be accessed by adding man in front of the command e.g. man ls, man cat. The manual shows you the correct syntax for commands and gives a list of options that can be used and the effects that they have.


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